Our Story

Vera Devletian, of Armenian ascent, and the creative force behind the Vera Cristina label grew up in a multi cultural environment. She started her career as a fashion journalist and correspondent in Europe where she attended the showings of major brand names. She then moved to Washington DC and in November of 1983 created the Vera Cristina company and the first eveningwear line bearing its name.

This stunning collection couldn’t have made a bigger bang. The chic crowd went wild for its first showing. The collection which was a mélange of high fashion and “razzle dazzle”, was soon picked up by the most prestigious department and specialty stores nationwide.

By 1987, Vera Devletian whose eveningwear line had been selected for television soap operas and worn by the rich and famous, stepped into the world of sportswear in introducing a line with a drop dead look, a true fit and with finishing touches rivaling that of high fashion.

This translated in a booming company with soaring sales and an ever increasing customer base both nationally and abroad.

Over the years, Vera added several other labels to her main brand and has made sure that her trademarks of originality, uniqueness and top quality are kept at their highest levels.

The Vera Cristina line has always been identifiable by its look in all the fashionable categories it targets. It has earned the trust and loyalty of many satisfied customers.

To keep up with the “Buzz” and stay innovative, Vera Cristina design studio and corporate offices moved to Los Angeles California in 1994. During the same year Vera Cristina opened its first office in southern China where it still maintains its R&D offices and production facilities.